Babies, Books and Bonding

What is Babies, Books and Bonding (BBB)?

BBB is a program which aims to increase literacy in children by providing books and other literacy tools at different stages of their early lives. BBB is funded through Northern Healthy Communities Partnership (NHCP) and coordinated by one of NHCP’s five Action Teams: the Babies, Books and Bonding Team.

How does the program work?

The BBB team creates packages of  books and resources that have been recommended by both Speech Language Pathologists and parents for each age group. Packages are shipped twice a year to all Northern Saskatchewan Health Centers. Packages include an instruction sheet with all of the information you need.

Why is literacy important?

High literacy levels have been linked with higher self-esteem, decreased criminal behavior, decreased substance use and abuse, a stronger parent-child bond and more success in school.

The BBB packages include pamphlets with information on the impacts of literacy. These can be used to enhance discussions with the families so that they understand the importance of reading to their babies.

How can I find out more information or join the BBB Team?

For more information on the program, to order books, or to join the committee contact the NHCP coordinator @ (306) 425-8520 or

Babies, Books and Bonding is funded through the generosity of organizations and partners in Saskatchewan. The Northern Healthy Communities Partnership would like to thank Areva Resources Canada for their contribution to the Babies, Books and Bonding program in the 2016-17 year!