Adults Working With Youth  

Are you trying to help young people in your community quit smoking? It can be challenging; youth smoking rates in Northern Saskatchewan are higher than in the rest of the province. Our project aims to build knowledge and skills among youth and those who work with them. We have a number of resources that may help you in your work.

Youth Workshops

We are offering interactive workshops about tobacco cessation for communities across Northern Saskatchewan. Don’t worry; these won’t be the typical boring lectures about smoking and they are conducted free of charge

How were the youth workshops developed?

The workshops were developed with youth input to make sure they match their needs and interests. We  also researched  the most up to date published information about what works best  in youth tobacco cessation.

How are the workshops conducted?

We guide youth through discussions about some of the root causes of the youth smoking issue, including tobacco industry manipulation, social norms and peer pressure. The goal is to empower young people with information about tobacco cessation and give them opportunities to build skills, so they can support their peers.

We meet initially with the adult contact person (it can be a teacher, guidance counsellor, social worker, youth worker, community outreach worker etc)  before the workshop to set goals and plans; we’ll also provide them with some brief training in tobacco cessation. We like to keep the groups small (about 10-15 youth) to encourage open discussion.

What happens after the workshop?

 We can also offer a follow-up session in the future to continue the learning and do some evaluation.

Who have we worked with so far?

We’ve partnered with schools and youth groups all around the north including Uranium City, Stony Rapids, Ile a la Crosse, Creighton, Sandy Bay and Buffalo Narrows so far—we’d love to do workshops in more communities!

What is the cost of the workshop?

The workshops are provided to youth at no cost.

Want us to come to your community?

To sign up or ask questions please contact: Laura Kuley @ or 306-425-8520