WTF- What’s Tobacco For? Building Community Awareness& Action

August 8th 2014

The Northern Tobacco Strategy action team works with communities to building environments of commercial tobacco while being respectful of the traditional uses of tobacco. Since tobacco misuse is higher in northern Saskatchewan communities that the rest of the country, the Northern Tobacco strategy has developed initiatives to reduce the use of tobacco amongst youth.

The Northern Tobacco Strategy action team held a “What’s Tobacco For? Building Community Awareness and Action” workshop in March 2014. Youth from across Northern Saskatchewan and their adult allies participated in this workshop.

The workshop included a pipe ceremony, an elder panel, speakers and a guided community action planning session. Youth and their adult allies left the workshop with a plan specific to their communities. 

The NTS would like to thank the following Elders and Speakers for contributing to the workshop:

  • Elder William Ratfoot
  • Elder Rod Apesis
  • Elder Robert Gladue
  • Elder Betty Peepeekokoot
  • Elder Julie Pitzel
  • Speaker (commercial tobacco): Richelle Lambiris
  • Speaker (advocacy and art): Chelsea Guest
  • Speaker (addiction and quitting):Tala Tootoosis

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