Infant Nutrition & Feeding

Introducing Solids

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NHCP Resorces for your Practice:

Introducing Solids Handout

Introducting Solids Poster

Feeding Infants and Toddlers

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NHCP Resources for your Practice:

The Feeding Relationship

Feeding Your Baby

Feeding Your Baby at 6 Months

Healthy Snacks for Toddlers


Children & School Nutrition

Nourishing Minds: Eat Well, Learn Well, Live Well
This is a guide for creating school nutrition policy and implementation; is focused on partnerships, planning, promotion and provision of nutritious food in all Saskatchewan schools.

Healthy School Food Policy & Guidelines Checklist
A tool which may be used by school divisions, schools and School Community Councils to assess their progress in developing, implementing and evaluating their school nutrition policy and guidelines.

Healthy Foods for My School
This guide helps schools provide healthy food options for students. Helps identify minimum standards for packaged foods and offers tips on healthy food choices.

Mealtime Mentoring
These are a series of fact sheets to help provide healthy food and a positive eating environment in early learning and child care settings.

Sweet Deals: School Fundraising Can be Healthy and Profitable
This report describes many practical options for healthy fundraisers available to schools.

Joint Consortium for School Health
Provides information and support for promoting comprehensive school health. Offers the Healthy School Planner, which is a free tool that schools can use to assess the current health environment and build a plan to make improvements.

Factsheets and Toolkits about School Health

Healthy School Planner

Information about Healthy Eating

Dietitians of Canada

Includes educational handouts, tools for assessing your current lifestyle and eating habits, and tips on meal planning and delicious new recipes.

Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide

Canada's Food Guide - First Nations, Inuit & Métis

Learning more about Canada's Food Guide will help you and your family know how much food you need, what types of foods are better for you, and the importance of physical activity.

EatRightOntario Videos

Their video channel offers many helpful (and short!) videos about healthy eating, from portion control to easy meal ideas.

Food Security

FoodShare is a community organization based out of Toronto; their website has lots of excellent resources, including 'how-to guides' for community programs like gardens and Good Food Boxes.

Indigenous Food Systems Network
A 'hub' for individuals and groups involved with Indigenous food related action to network and share relevant resources and information.

Thought About Food? A Workbook on Food Security & Influencing Policy
This workbook is intended to provide tools and information to inspire communities to come together and act to make food security a reality for everyone.

Harvesting Hope In Northern Manitoba Communities
The documentary tells the stories of Aboriginal people struggling to access healthy food in Northern Manitoba communities.  In spite of policy barriers and lack of support, community members are reintroducing traditional practices around food.


Breastfeeding Committee for Canada
The vision of the BCC is to establish breastfeeding as the cultural norm for infant feeding within Canada. Also has information about the Baby-Friendly Initiative™.

The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute                                                                                                       

The Great Reasons to Breastfeed Video                                                                                     

La Leche League
An organization that encourages, promotes, and provides mother-to-mother breastfeeding support and educational opportunities.