Community Kitchens

A community kitchen is any group of people who get together and cook.  Community kitchens come in all shapes and sizes.  Participants combine their resources, share recipes, and plan meals while they learn and share new kitchen skills and cooking techniques.  Some groups enjoy their meals together and some take food home to enjoy with their families or freeze for later use. 

 Benefits of a community kitchen include:

  • Creating wholesome, healthy meals on a budget.
  • Learning and sharing new kitchen skills.
  • Sharing and discovering new recipes.
  • Planning meals with a decided focus like using local foods or making vegetarian dishes.
  • Eating meals together.
  • Building friendships.

 All the benefits of a community kitchen help to increase food security in a community. Food security occurs when all people at all times have access to adequate, nutritious food to meet their needs to live a healthy life (adapted from FAO definition of food security).

 Many people living in Northern Saskatchewan do not have food security. Programs such as community kitchens, community gardens and good food box programs help improve food security as well as increase the knowledge and abilities of community members. Other activities such as advocacy and policy development also help to support food security for all people.

 Learn more about community kitchens in this manual created by the HET.