Examples of Health Promotion Work

1. Examples of Strengthening Community Action

  • Supporting the development of a community inter-sectoral working group
  • Engaging a youth group to plan a community health project

2. Examples of Developing Healthy Public Policy

  • Developing and implementing nutrition policies for schools and workplaces
  • Developing and implementing tobacco policies – smoke-free buildings and playgrounds

3. Examples of Creating Supportive Environments

  • Working with the local grocery store to offer more affordable produce
  • Working with communities to organize the development of walking trails

4. Examples of Developing Personal Skills

  • Offering capacity building in tobacco cessation or conflict resolution
  • Working with organizations to imbed training within their programs and policies

5. Examples of Reorientating Health Services

  • Working with organizations to reframe their strategic planning
  • Advocating for health promotion within an organization
  • Creating awareness that health promotion is a shared responsibility