NHCP Building Vibrant Youth                   

The NHCP Building Vibrant Youth team aims to support, enhance and partner with positive youth development efforts across Northern Saskatchewan.

Positive youth development is an evidence-based and strengths-based approach to helping young people grow and reach their full potential. This approach recognizes that the healthy development of young people is based on both their individual skills and talents and the positive resources and supports available to them in their home, school and community. Young people who have strong, positive relationships with adults, who are engaged and involved in their community, who feel valued and respected by those around them and who have opportunities to learn, build skills and give back are resilient. Resilient youth are more likely to stay and do well in school, to have positive mental health and to display leadership abilities. Resilient young people are also less likely to engage in risk taking behaviours, such as substance use, vandalism and self-harm and suicide.  

To learn more check out our Positive Youth Development Framework and our Guidelines and Practices for Working with Youth.