For Nurses and Service Providers

Thank you for your work and dedication. Without you Babies, Books and Bonding would not exist!

Current Book Selection

Currently, the books we are providing are:

  • Prenatal/Newborn: Baby Animals or Peek-a-Who?
  • 6 months: Toes, Ears and Nose or Peekaboo Bedtime 
  • 12 months: Read me a Book, Peek-a-Boo Forest or That's my Daddy!
  • 18 months: Elusive Moose, The Very Hungry Caterpillar or On Mother’s Lap

Past Books

  • Prenatal/Newborn: 

  • 6/12 months: This Little Piggy, Bathtime Peek-a-Boo,  
  • 12/18 months: I Like Vegetables, Everywhere Babies
  • 18 months: Baby Cakes, Mama/Papa, 

Reordering Books

Books are sent based on your community’s birthrate and should last approximately 6 months. Please reorder when your supply is low, but before it runs out, by faxing this order form to 306 425 8550.

Tracking Forms

The tracking form that is included with the books is a very important part of our program. It allows us to gage the opinions of parents, as well as to understand if our program is working.  Our PHNs advisory team suggest that you keep the tracking form on the baby’s immunization record. If possible, please ask the parents for their feedback as noted for each time frame and fax it in when it is complete.


We very much welcome your feedback. Please contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions or if you’d like a presentation on Babies, Books and Bonding in your community.