Workplace Physical Activity

In 2015, the Active Communities Team (ACT) surveyed organizations in northern Saskatchewan to learn more about physical activity initiatives, needs and challenges in the region. The most desired physical activity initiative was ‘policy and organizational support for physical activity in the workplace’.  For this reason, the ACT created a toolkit to provide northern Saskatchewan leaders with a guide for starting and improving initiatives to support physical activity among their employees.

The Workplace Physical Activity Toolkit is a step by step guide to establishing a workplace that encourages employees to be physically active. The booklet is a general guide to implementing a workplace physical activity initiative. Choose and adapt the policy and environment approaches that suit your workplace.

We hope this toolkit will provide you with ideas, resources and opportunities to increase physical activity in your workplace to maximize the health of your organization. We would like to hear your feedback about the toolkit so we can create better tools to increase physical activity in the north. Please contact Kevin Mageto at or 306-953-5023.